Friday, October 1, 2010

Project Proposal


Product Name once the product is formed

Sentence description:

How to market a product to a mass group of consumers.

Paragraph description:

How does an advertising company sell a product to a group of consumers and convince the group that they want to buy what the company is selling? I am going to try and come up with different types of ways to launch and sell a product. I will have to learn what makes a customer want to buy.

Page Description:

How to market a product to a mass group of customers is going to be the goal for this project. I want to figure out what drives a person to buy something that they ultimately may or may not need. I need to learn what makes a consumer tick, after I figure that out I will have unlocked the key as to how to sell that person anything.

My plan is to come up with a product. After I come up with the idea for what the product might be I want to be able to sell that product to any person and be able to convince them that they need it or just have to have it. I will do this by creating advertisements through commercial ways. Using the recourses that I have at my disposal I will create ad campaigns like billboard ads, logo ideas and package design.

My goal by the end of the class is to be able to show that I have come up with a great product and I am able to come up with advertising techniques that will make consumers want to buy.


The main research that I will be doing is interviewing consumers, graphic designers, and other people in the field to gain better knowledge of what makes people want to purchase a certain product. I will also be looking online and finding books to help understand what the difference is between a good advertisement and a bad advertisement is. These things will help me gain the knowledge I need to really make a captivating Ad campaign.

Time Line:

· October 5th- Draft of Proposal Due

· October 7th- Final Draft of Proposal Due

· October 8th- Product Idea Due

· October 14th- Product Idea Finalization Due

· October 18th- Rough Draft of Logo design and package design

· October 24th- Finish Logo and package design

· October 28th- Slogan Ideas Due

· November 1st- First Ad Campaign Done

· November 8th- Second Ad Campaign Done (billboard)

· November19thth- Coupon Design/Event advertising/Online advertising Due

· November 29th- Ad campaigns printed and ready to be shown

· December 6th- Print Ready. Final deadline.

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